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irrie Ember

Welcome to Trailway Learning Center, in Second Life. This is not a school. It is a place of guidance, reference, & self exploration organized by one person who once needed the same kind of help herself. I am irrie Ember, and I have been creating and helping others in SL for 16 years. I love to design, and teach, and when I don’t know the answer to something, I start digging deep until I find one. My own learning process and passion to better my skills will never end. 

I am a graphic artist (in RL also)who loves working with graphic design (logos, ads, etc.), vector images, textures, photos, 3D mesh and more. I’ve owned a few long-running stores in SL, participated in over a hundred Gacha events and have taught classes at a few schools in Second Life. I also have a growing You Tube Channel where I love to post video tutorials & tips for creators in SL. Please enjoy my online and/or in-world resources in any way they might be of help to you, whether you are a seasoned creator, new & curious, or someone who works on personal projects. 

I started Second Life the same way most of you have – with little to no Lindens in my pocket, and a creative curiosity that has always stretched above & beyond any limitations in my way. I have always worked alone, never employing anyone else to create my work. So I know what it is to struggle & be confused when trying to learn something for SL and I’d simply like to share what I know & what has worked for me. I do not claim to be an expert or polished professional in any area of creating for SL, however, If there is something I cannot provide to help along your creative journey, I might be able to point you in the right direction. Contact me anytime. Thanks for visiting!