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Terms of Use for Trailway Learning Center Material


Please do not copy or redistribute – for sale or for free – any of the content of my website without my permission. If you would like to work with me as a partner, please contact me. 

You can link back to my website homepage, but not to any of my resources or other pages as a direct link in the context of providing a resource on your own website. Linking to my other pages is only allowed when using them as a simple reference. 

Classes & Other Meetings

You may not copy or redistribute – for sale – any of my class materials. You are welcome to share them with friends, but please do not modify any of the materials or claim them as your own. 


You may share the links to my videos. You may not embed them to your website, or claim them as your own in any way. You may not copy or redistribute them – for sale or for free. You may only link to them on my YouTube channel as a reference and for viewing. 

Free Downloads

My free downloads are provided as original creations by me, irrie Ember. You may use them for personal or commercial use. Credit/attribution in some way is appreciated, but not required. 

You may not copy or redistribute them as is – for sale, and you may not claim them as your own. You are welcome to use them as a resource in your own projects and modify them as part of your own work. 

For any questions or concerns regarding my Terms of Use, please do not hesitate to contact me: